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writing capstone paperCapstone writing needs to be completed accurately and effectively covering every step of the process you plan to undertake whilst carrying out your research. Your proposal, therefore, will need to include a breakdown on the work that has already been carried out through accurate referencing as well as include a plan on how you intend to follow on from this and what results you hope to gain. This information should then be presented following the correct format and in a concise way that is easy for the review board to follow and see the potential in what you wish to achieve. Looking at a capstone project sample can make everything clearer and you’ll have a sample outline to follow.

Descriptive writing at this level can often be too much for many people or the pressures of completing many simultaneous projects could result in time being an important factor with the work needing to be completed quickly. Whichever predicament you find yourself in, using a professional capstone project proposal example such as the ones our services can provide you with can alleviate many causes of anxiety and stress and give you a way forward to proceed. Our capstone project proposal examples have been designed by fully qualified writers who have been providing the finest level of assistance to students for many years.

Our Best Capstone Proposal Example

Before you can start writing a capstone proposal, it is important that you first choose an engaging topic that interests you so that you are able to present stronger opinions and remain interested throughout the entire process. Having done this, you then need to get permission from your peers to enable you to get started as quickly as you can. By following our capstone project proposal template, you may find it easier to get all the information you need to get started on your project:

 Working title. What is your project: an overview? A review? A comparison? An analysis? An artistic production? A creative endeavor? Give your proposed project a clear, concise, descriptive working title. Keep your working title in mind as you develop each section of your project. Make sure the final title connects with all the elements.
 Description. Clearly and concisely tell your readers what your project is, while keeping in mind that not all may be familiar with the terminology that is unique to your field. Focus your project approach for your readers.
 Background and rationale. Tell your readers why you want to do the work you have proposed. What is the origin of your project? Does it come from your coursework?An earlier honors opportunity?An idea that you have always wanted to pursue?
 Objectives of the project. Objectives can guide you during the project and they can shape the results of your project.
 Methods. What will you do? How will you do it? List each of your methods individually.Be specific and describe how you will achieve your objectives. Methods include a description of what you will develop, design, utilize, create, analyze, collect, survey and observe.
 Project result. The project result is the demonstration of your learning and can take a variety of forms. It can be a:

✔   creative project
✔   research project
✔   community service project
✔   internship/field research project

 Working bibliography. A list of the primary texts with which you will work and at least four academic or scholarly works you have already researched and intend to use
 Timeline. You should outline when you anticipate having each element completed, including discovery of and reading of research sources, proposed meetings with mentor (including what work will be finished for each meeting)and drafts for final review by your mentor

This capstone proposal example is by no means a fully comprehensive list of the requirements of all higher learning institutions, some will want more information and others less, however, if you are not sure what is expected, ask a teacher or your assigned mentor.

Our capstone project proposal template also includes a methodology to help which can also be applied when it comes to writing the final paper:

 Pick a subject that you are interested in or passionate about. It will make the work easier if you genuinely care about exploring the topic. Ensure that it is broad enough to provide you with plenty of material that can be explained thoroughly.
 Research your topic and take lots of notes on the information, highlighting quotes and brainstorming ideas. This will help you to decide which area to focus on and make it easier to visualize how your paper will look.
 Have a clear and concise thesis statement. This is the foundation that the whole paper will be built around so ensure that you compile a lot of evidence and arguments to support it.
 Make an outline before you start writing and list the main points you plan to use, categorize and put them in order so that your paper flows from the introduction through to the conclusion.
 Your capstone paper must include factual information from reliable sources, as well as your own deductions and interpretations. End with a firm conclusion that ties everything together in support of your thesis statement.
 Make sure you reread your paper to correct any errors in grammar and spelling and check the strength of your arguments, laziness and poor attention to detail will only result in your capstone project being marked down or worse yet, being returned for correction.

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